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Air source heat pumps

Get heat from thin air with an air source heat pump.

Call us on 0330 400 1125 to book your free survey1.

What is an air source heat pump?

Imagine life without bulky oil or LPG tanks, troublesome refills and wasted garden space. It can be a reality with an air source heat pump, a clean alternative that uses the power of air and electricity to create heat.

Generate clean heat

With an environmentally-friendly energy source heating your home.

Save money

You could get some of your costs back over seven years with the government‘s Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.  

Take control

No need for deliveries as your energy is generated at home.

Heat your home with clean energy

If you’re looking to reduce your heating costs and carbon footprint, an air source heat pump will give you three times more heat for each unit of energy used to power it2. Enough heat for your radiators or underfloor heating, and hot water.

You could save up to £360 per year on your heating bill compared to an oil-fired system using oil at 43p per litre, even more if you use LPG3.

How does an air source heat pump work?

They use some electricity and work a bit like your fridge – but in reverse:

  1. The heat pump contains a liquid that absorbs heat from the outside air
  2. The heat pump compresses the liquid to increase its temperature
  3. The heat from the liquid is transferred to your heating system
  4. The heat also travels to your hot water tank.

If we supply your electricity you'll be getting 100% backed renewable sources.

What does it cost?

For a four-bedroom detached house, it's likely to cost around £11,000. It could pay for itself in seven years through fuel savings and the government’s Domestic RHI. Payments of around £1,273 per year4 make this a good alternative to oil or LPG. You'll also get a seven-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The legal stuff

1 Lines are open 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, and 10am to 6pm on Saturday.

2 1 kWh of electricity in with 3 kWh of heating out. Dependent on weather conditions.

3 Based on a four-bedroom detached house which uses an estimated 20,000 kWh per year.

4 The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) of an air source heat pump in a four-bedroom detached house using over 20,000 kWh of heat per annum would equate to an annual payment of £1,273 per year (based on 10.18p/kWh) helping you offset the cost of the installation. For more information call us on 0800 508 8411 or visit the government's RHI calculator.

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