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Wake up to 100% renewable electricity

Why choose E.ON?

It couldn't be simpler to switch your gas and electricity to E.ON – we offer a range of energy tariffs to suit everyone and all of tariffs now come with 100% renewable electricity, as standard. Electricity sourced from E.ON’s renewable generation assets, supply agreements with independent UK wind generators and the purchase of renewable electricity certificates. Whether you're a new customer or you're already with us, compare our energy tariffs with a no-obligation energy quote.

Service you can trust

  • uSwitch named us the easiest large supplier to switch to for 2019
  • The Energy Switch Guarantee means you'll get a safe and speedy switch from one energy provider to another

Get an energy quote now

Find the right gas and electricity deal for you

Switching energy supplier

Get an energy quote

It only takes a few minutes to switch your gas and electricity to E.ON. Use our quote tool below to find your perfect tariff.

Switching your supplier

We'll contact your supplier and start the switching process for you. Within seven working days, you’ll get a letter from us confirming your energy switch.

We'll be in touch

We'll ask for your first meter readings and you'll receive a welcome pack with details of your new tariff.

It's all done

Switching energy is as simple as that. So, what are you waiting for?

Tips on switching energy supplier

Research your options

Look at your current energy use. See what deals are on the market. Check out our latest tariffs, and get a quote to see whether you could save by switching to E.ON. 


Changing your mind

You can cancel your new contract if you change your mind during the cooling off period. This is 14 days after you’ve agreed you're going to switch to us.


Keep on track

The simplest way to stay informed is to create an online account. If there's anything you need to do as part of your energy switch, it'll help with that too.

Working towards a renewable future

We're backing 100% renewable electricity for our customers' homes.

Stay on track with a smart meter

Get an E.ON tariff and you'll be eligible for a free smart meter, giving you the power to save energy and reduce your bills.

Moving home?

Moving home can be a busy time. Let us know if you're moving in or out, and we can help you keep or set up your gas and electricity with us.

Get an energy quote now

Find the right gas and electricity deal for you

Refer a friend

As an E.ON customer, you can refer your friends to us too. If they choose to join us we'll treat you both to a voucher to spend at a high street store of your choice. We also offer a referral scheme on our smart meters, so if you choose to have a smart meter fitted by us and your friend does too, you'll both receive a voucher.

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