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100% renewable electricity from us

All of our customers' homes get 100% renewable electricity as standard.

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What do we mean by renewable electricity?

We believe in a sustainable future, that's why we provide our customers' homes with electricity backed by 100% renewable sources including wind, biomass and solar.

Our renewable sources

Energy from our renewable assets and the renewable supply agreements we have in place is currently enough renewable electricity to power almost 1.7 million homes (based on E.ON average consumption) – more than half our electricity customer base. To make up the difference between our generation assets and the amount of energy our customers consume we are purchasing renewable electricity guarantees certificates.

Our electricity fuel mix

We're taking climate change seriously by matching the electricity you consume with 100% renewable electricity. 

Committing to a renewable future

Clean air matters to us, that’s why we’ve changed our fuel mix to provide our customers' homes with electricity backed by renewable sources. 

You can see a full breakdown of our historical fuel mix.  


Powered by renewables

All of your electricity is matched from a renewable source such as wind, biomass and solar. Every unit of electricity you use is backed by a renewable certificate either from our own renewable assets, independent generators or from the open market. Read our blog to learn more about how we source our renewable electricity. 

Frequently asked questions

What does renewable electricity mean?

It means that the electricity provided to all our residential customers is backed by 100% renewable electricity as standard, regardless of the tariff you choose.

What is renewable electricity?

Renewable electricity is electricity generated from a renewable source such as wind, biomass and solar.

We match the electricity you use with 100% renewable electricity backed by renewable electricity certificates that we source externally that guarantee an equivalent amount of renewable electricity was generated to that consumed. 


What are renewable electricity certificates?

Renewable electricity certificates guarantee that electricity is generated from a renewable source – providing evidence that electricity consumption is matched by electricity generation from 100% renewable sources. 

For example, in the UK there are schemes called REGOs, a Government backed scheme which guarantees all the electricity supplied to customers is matched with the equivalent amount from 100% renewable sources in the UK, rewarding renewable power generators and promoting future investment in the supply of renewable electricity for the grid.

How much will this cost?

We are making this change for all our residential customers, regardless of tariff and with no extra cost to you. 

What if I’m already paying for clean energy as part of my tariff?

If you have already agreed to receive renewable electricity in the form of our ‘bolt on’ tariff you will stop paying this contribution. 

We’ll be contacting you in the next few weeks to let you know what this means for you.

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