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Smart meter installation

Don’t know what to expect? Don’t worry, installing smart meters couldn’t be easier.

Preparing for the installation

Simply make sure: 

  • Your meter is easy to get to
  • The area is clear of any coats, bikes or other obstructions
  • The engineer has somewhere close to your home to park

You pick the date, we’ll do the rest

As part of the smart meter rollout, we’ll be booking appointments across the UK.

To book yours go to the online booking tool , we’ll check if your home is suitable, then choose the time and date that suits you.

Our expert engineers

Will arrive at your home, at a date and time that suits you. We install in line with the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP) – the industry standard. The installation takes about one hour per meter start to finish, so two hours if you have an electricity and gas meter.


We’ll briefly turn off your gas and electricity whilst we install your new smart meter(s).


Then we’ll check that your new meter(s) can ‘talk’ to your smart meter in-home display.


Before we leave we’ll show you how your meter works and how to use your in-home display. 

smart meter

Ready to stay on track with a smart meter?

If you’d like a smart meter installed for free, use our online booking tool to check if we’re ready to install one in your home and to choose the best time for you.

Do smart meters need internet?

Smart meters don’t use your internet or your phone network to send us your meter readings; they have their own SIM cards and use mobile networks rather than the internet.

How can I get a smart meter

If you’re a customer, you can book a smart meter appointment online. If you aren’t a customer yet then you’ll need to get a quote for us to supply your energy and once the switch has completed, we’ll be able to book an appointment so long as your home’s suitable. For example, we can fit smart meters in flats, but only where your meter is four or fewer floors away from your meter.

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